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Success, motivation, values – we are equal in our differences. No filters! Career Story with Nikoletta Ventura

Nikoletta Ventura is a Hungary-based entrepreneur who has developed and refined the FLOW-PROCESS, based on positive psychology, a practice first described by an American-Hungarian professor, Prof. Dr. Mihály Csikszentmihályi. She launched her international PR & PA activities with this methodology, specifically developed for tech companies with high growth potential.

Her talent has been recognized on many levels in the past few years: she led one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns regionally, has been a jury member and served as a mentor on startup competitions, and she also won an Innovation World Cup, a prestigious international award run by wearable industry executives and leadership. She supports other women to successfully pursue their ambitions as an OneUpOneDown mentor and is also a mentee. 

Such a thoughtful name “Ventura”. What is its story?

It means adventurous, courageous, entrepreneurship, luck, US-Spanish name. In international innovative ecosystems, I was always told that I have such an open mindset that I must be from the US. I love my profession, so my hard-working attitude is driven by my passion for the work. I chose this name for myself. 

You have achieved a lot, including managing multiple successful projects and raising two teenage boys. What do you attribute your success to?

I developed an ambitious and resilient mindset in response to an abusive relationship I experienced for several years. I realized that I could not rely on authorities to protect me in life and that it was up to me and my mindset to determine how I respond to all experiences. I chose to develop a positive mindset. I truly believe that overcoming these attacks, combined with extreme agility is one of the most precious skills I have nowadays both from personal and business angles. 

Today is International Women’s Day. In today’s modern world, which is heavily influenced by trends and social media, what is an important message that you’d like to share with women? 

Values. I always protect my values. Anybody can have an attractive look, but only values are eternal. They provide us with guidance when facing challenging situations. In today’s modern world, I have quite a traditional value system; I define people by their quality as human beings, my personal circles are based on these attitudes, and I also try to select my business partners accordingly. 

What other adventures are you up to?

I have been preparing a huge international capital transaction for 3 years, together with my fantastic partners. Once we close it, I am determined to support women and children experiencing any kind of abuse. In my opinion, even though the Hungarian governmental and some civil activities are professionally very well prepared and have good intentions, as I went through the whole process with the guidance of my friend, I recognized the missing links of the system. I discovered how complex this problem is and how abusive and malicious circles operate, by trying to destroy women’s and children’s lives. I would love to help the victims by offering bright solutions – so that they will be able to live a physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially healthy life. 

Also, I started a jewelry innovation project a few years ago, this is my passion project, and maybe one day, I will be “lucky” enough to realize it, staying true to my main personal value, integrity – I promised it to my global partners.

I think that’s enough challenge for a lifetime, what do you think?! ????

What does success mean to you? How do you align with your definition at the moment?

My main role is being a mother of my two sons. The moment I decided to have children, I took this responsibility as a priority, leaving all other roles in life behind and I stayed at home with them for 5 years without any work, to establish the principles. Since then, we have very limited time to spend together, but we enjoy the time we do have together very much and they are cool as hell, do sports and they are also excelling at school. And my older son drew his family in the recent days, and he has drawn himself as a grizzly bear and his younger brother as a tiger. That’s success for me. The greatest.

What prompted you to pursue the career or business you’re working in/on now?

When I divorced, I left my ex-husband without almost any division of property, so I had no other option than to build a new life for ourselves.

What is something that has been particularly challenging throughout your career?

Egos and jealousy. When I had leadership roles throughout my career, I always faced these types of “games”, I have never ever participated. I always chose to deliver results over manipulation. This was an important part of why  I decided to go on with my own projects at the beginning of this year.

What have been your go-to tools and strategies to overcome challenging experiences or people in your career?

I believe that children are raised by attitude, and they cannot see their mum being beaten. In my experience, children copypaste the behavior of their parents. I feel a huge responsibility for how I raise my sons for the daughters of my peers.

What is one personal or professional skill you’re working on at the moment and why?

I am focusing on developing more patience both in my personal and professional life. I am extremely grateful for my OneUpOneDown mentor & mentee helping me improve and keeping a great pulse while staying confident with my small wins. 

What is something you wish you’d known when you were first starting out in your career?

Nothing, I take motherhood and career as life-long learning journeys, and I am exactly where I should be now, grateful for all the lessons I learned for all the people who taught me. 

How can we follow your journey?

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