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Jan 20

January 6, 2020

How to be a great communicator

Improving communication is a common area that women who have signed up to OneUpOneDown are looking for support with through mentorship, and honestly, we're not surprised! Effective communication skills are important for self-esteem and self-actualisation,...

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Sep 19

September 2, 2019

How to create a 90 day plan

When you sign up to OneUpOneDown you will be matched with a mentor and/or a mentee for 3 months. Creating a 90 day plan together is a useful way to get thoughts out of your...

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Aug 19

August 11, 2019

Getting prepared for your first meeting with your mentor

Are you feeling a bit nervous about meeting your mentor for the first time and a little unsure what to expect? We hear you, your first meeting can be a little daunting. But with a...

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Aug 19

August 9, 2019

Getting prepared for your first meeting with your mentee

A RESOURCE FOR MENTORS So you’ve been matched with a mentee and you’ve got your first session coming up. You haven’t been a mentor before and you’re a little nervous about how to manage this...

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Mar 19

March 21, 2019

How to be an effective mentor

A big part of our mission at One Up One Down is to teach more people to become effective mentors. Mentorship is not only a way to give back to others, it is also a...

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