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Build up the women within your organization

A practical solution for supporting women that addresses diversity and inclusion at its core.

OneUpOneDown is a specialist mentoring program designed for supporting women to progress as leaders. As well as supporting women with career-specific skill development, our program focuses on helping women to build confidence, improve their ability to communicate effectively and to put themselves forward for opportunities.

If you are interested in making OneUpOneDown available to support the women within your organization, please register your interest below.

According to studies gender-inclusive companies achieve:


greater ROI


employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers


higher returns on equity

Transformative learning & development

Our mentor matches are made based on an alignment of personal and professional experiences so our mentors and mentees build strong,  trusting and transformative relationships.


Introduce new ideas and best practices


Support new managers


Highly relevant mentor matches

Track your employees progress

Why OneUpOneDown?

Our mentor matching process and program has been built specifically to address key learning and development areas most relevant for developing women in leadership roles. We address areas such as communication and confidence, and allow women to access independent support, new perspectives and validation to excel in their roles.

1. Mentor Matching –  We use AI for highly relevant mentor matching, based on a wealth of data insights from our community.

2. Improve communication & build confidence- Our matches are based on developing personal skills such as improving communication and building confidence. We are specifically addressing areas that can impact women and their ability to get ahead in the workplace.

3. Powerful Data Management – Our team will manage and navigate the mentoring process through a suggested structure that will provide the required results. Our technology provides data-rich insights on the process and the progression of the employees.

4. Easy to implement – We provide the process, program, mentors and resources to run a seamless mentoring program for the women in your organization.

Build a culture of trusted relationships in your organization

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