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What is the price for OneUpOneDown mentorship?

There is no cost to become part of our network to help it remain as accessible to as many women as possible. We intend to keep our mission central to our actions and mission – to facilitate meaningful connections and make great advice accessible to everyone. Make sure you have completed the main steps required for being matched. Read also why OneUpOneDown is free.

We have recently introduced OneUpOneDown Premium. Premium Service: Guarantees mentees a match within 14 days. Benefits you receive by going on Premium:

> Get matched within 14 days
> For mentees (there is no cost for being a mentor)
> Time period per match = 3 months
> Total meetings per match = 4
> 1 Meeting = 60min
> Guides & Resources
> Private events & Workshops
> Premium support (24/7)

*1 Mentorship experience last 3 months. Within these 3 months, you meet 4 times into 1:1 conversations. Each meeting is virtual and last 60min. After 3 months, you are rematched. Mentorship experience is an ongoing practice.

Quarterly Quest ($29/ 3-months) – Embark on a three-month mentorship adventure with premium matching. This tier is the perfect starting point to experience the unique benefits of OneUpOneDown mentorship.

Mentorship Mastery ($104/year – 12% discount ) – Unlock a year of growth with our 12-month program, offering sustained mentorship for personal and professional development.

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