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We match women in business and technology with a mentor who is a couple of steps ahead of them in specific personal and professional development areas. This style of mentorship is called near-peer mentorship and it allows for relatable and relevant experiences between mentors and mentees.

Each match lasts just 3 months and contains 4 meetings to promote rapid and focused learning and development. When signing up, you can select if you’d like to be a mentor, mentee or both.

How it works

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Why OneUpOneDown?

Smart Matches

Our software makes matches based on an alignment of personal and professional skills. You’ll be matched with someone who we know you’ll get on well with and can learn from.


Rapid Development

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and others through mentorship and our wealth of supporting resources. 3 months of highly focused mentorship means you’ll focus on one area of development and make rapid progress towards your goal.


Ongoing Support

OneUpOneDown facilitates the mentor-matching process and maintains engagement throughout the relationship. We support our community to become comfortable and confident mentors and mentees.


Relevant Advice

We shape our mentoring program around near-peer mentorship, meaning you will be matched with someone who is just a few steps in front of or behind you. This way the advice remains relevant and relatable.

OneUpOneDown Community

"My mentor helped me realise I have the power to control my own reality. She gave me powerful tools so I could build the life I want. Although we have different career paths and focuses, what we shared was a drive to squeeze every last drop out of life. My mentor brought me back to basics, asking myself where my values are being honoured, ignored and challenged in my life. This built a framework for the changes I am making to live my best life."

- Kate, Mentee


“I absolutely love mentoring and offering my experience, time and energy to help someone else grow and develop. The mentee’s I’ve been matched with have been incredible humans open to learning, growing and taking responsibility for their career and life. It’s a privilege to hold space and guide others as they take charge. I love doing this through One Up One Down as well, it’s such a great organisation helping women empower women.”

- Tash, Mentor


“I don’t know what their secret sauce is, but I could not have been happier with the first mentee that OneUpOneDown matched me with. We were a great personality fit and my professional experience and knowledge were highly relevant to my mentee’s challenges. I am sure we will be lifelong friends!”

- Marisa, Mentor

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No Monthly Billing

Mentee, Mentor & Mentee

Get matched in 6 months

• 1-1 Mentorship

• 1 free 3-month mentor match 

• 3 proposals for mentors & 3 proposals for mentees

• Mentor & Mentee resources


Billed monthly

Priority Mentor & Mentee

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Get matched in 1 week

• 1-1 Mentorship

• Unlimited mentor matches 

• Unlimited proposals for mentors & mentees

• Secret discussions (coming)


Billed monthly

Priority Mentee

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Get matched in 1 week

• 1-1 Mentorship

• Unlimited mentor matches

• Unlimited proposals for mentors

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No cost


Support likeminded women

• 1-1 Mentorship

• Unlimited mentee matches

• Unlimited proposals for mentees

• Secret discussions (coming)

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Frequesntly Asked Questions

How Matches Work.

Each mentor match lasts three months, with at least four meetings within this period. With a free membership, mentees can access one three month match per year. With a premium membership, mentees have ongoing access to mentors. Once one match is complete, premium members can be matched again based on new learning and development needs. Premium members also receive priority matching, so will be matched with a mentor faster.

Why sign up for the Premium(Priority) Membership?

To obvious reason is to receive ongoing access to high quality mentors and fast track your personal and professional growth. In addition, by signing up as a paying user you will also be supporting our mission to provide more women with access to great advice and meaningful connections. We believe that mentorship is the key to creating more equal opportunities for women in business and technology. We want this opportunity to be accessible to ambitious women without payment being a barrier, however our growth and impact is fueled by our paying members.

Not sure which plan is best for you?

Reach out to our team at [email protected] We will happily discuss your needs and help you to work out which plan is best suited. 

How Mentor Proposals Work.

Before we make a match, we will send you some details of the proposed mentor. You will have the opportunity to accept the proposed match, or decline if if you don’t think it is a good fit. With the free membership, you can decline up to three proposed matches. With the premium membership, you have unlimited match proposals. 

What if you can’t find a good match for me?

If we can’t find a suitable mentor for you within the first week of signing up, we will issue you a refund. Sometimes, it can take a little while to find a good match, and we prefer to make sure it’s a good fit rather than propose non-suitable mentors. If this is the case and you request a refund, we will refund you and not charge until we find a suitable match. 

What is near-peer mentorship?

Our mentorship programmes are modelled off of near-peer mentorship because we have seen firsthand how successful it can be and the positive impact it can have, when facilitated effectively.

Get in touch if you have any questions!

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