OneUpOneDown Mentorship Pools

For Organisations

A ‘Pool’ is an exciting new feature that allows communities, organisations and individuals to connect, grow and add value to their network through OneUpOneDown’s mentorship technology and services. 

Once a Pool is created, mentors and mentee can join by invite, or discovery, depending on whether the Pool is public or private.

Communities, organisations and individuals set up a branded Pool and invite their network to join as mentors and/or mentees

Using OneUpOneDown’s matching infrastructure and platform, mentor-mentee matches are proposed between mentors and mentees within the specific pool.

This allows you to offer all the great benefits of OneUpOneDown mentorship to your network, without the administration overhead of running a sustainable mentorship experience.

For Mentors & Mentees

Mentors and mentees can join Pools in two ways. If the Pool is private, mentors and mentees must have a link or code to join. If a Pool is public, it can be joined from the OneUpOneDown app. 

Once an individual joins a pool, they will be matched with other mentors or mentees who are in the same Pool.  

Pools help mentors and mentees to be matched with likeminded women, and pursue new opportunities and areas of interest through mentorship. 

Screenshot of OneUpOneDown Pool Functionality in Web Appllication

OneUpOneDown is trusted by organizations and women across the globe

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“As a mentor, I felt fully supported and knew I could always rely on Natalie and her team for advice”​

Tatiana Tikhonova, mentor
Data Scientist
New York, United States​

“I don't know what their secret sauce is, but I could not have been happier with the first mentee that OneUpOneDown matched me"

Marisa Sires, mentor
Digital Product Leader | Remote Team Leadership
New York, United State

“The mentor I've been matched with has taught me a lot....I feel privileged to be a part of this program."

Andressa Henriques, mentee
Fullstack Software Engineer at Parfin
Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil

“Thanks to my mentor I'm really improving my strategies, my personal and professional goals”

Mouna ALOUI, mentee
Software Engineer at SAGEMCOM
Tunis, Tunisia

“It's been great to have an outside perspective on what I'm navigating along with a sounding board to support my own decision making"

Nina Hannert-Nimmo, mentee
Agile Coach | Mindset Coach & Mentor
Wellington, New Zealand

“This platform and mentor has been that catalyst in addressing those doubts, calming my fears, addressing my concerns and in showing me the right way."

Nikki Bakurupanda, mentee
Project Management | Customer Experience
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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