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Near-peer mentorship


Become a mentor

Give back by mentoring someone who is a step or two behind you, going through experiences you have gone through and learnt from.

Find a mentor

Apply to be matched with a mentor who is a step or two ahead of you, who has the skills and experience that you are wanting to develop.

How it works



Sign up

Register your interest in just 2 minutes (via the link below). We’ll get in touch with our initial survey that includes questions about your current situation and the areas you would like to develop and/or provide support in.


Book in for a call

We’d like to get to know you and dive into your survey answers to better understand the areas  you can give or would like to receive support in. This is a short 15 minute call and must be completed prior to matching. 


Start your mentorship

We’ll find you a mentor and/or mentee match, then it’s over to you. Organise a time to meet with your mentor and/or mentee and decide on how you would like your mentorship to work. Start your sessions and get supported by us throughout the 3 month period with regular check-ins, helpful resources and community events.


Loved it? Get rematched

Once the 3 month period is up, you’ll have the option to be rematched with another suitable mentor and/or mentee.

Make the right connection

Smart Matches

Our software makes matches based on an alignment of personal and professional skills and communication style. You’ll be matched with someone who we know you’ll get on well with and can learn from.

Relevant Advice

We shape our mentoring program around near-peer mentorship, meaning you will be matched with someone who is just a few steps in front of or behind you. This way the advice remains relevant and relatable.

Ongoing Support

OneUpOneDown facilitates the mentor-matching process and maintains engagement throughout the relationship. We support our community to become comfortable and confident mentors and mentees.

Rapid Development

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and others through mentorship and our wealth of supporting resources. 3 months of highly focused mentorship means you’ll focus on one area of development and make rapid progress towards your goal.


Learn from other women

When you become a part of OneUpOneDown, you are welcomed into a community of like-minded entrepreneurial women. Being a part of a powerful community offers you the opportunity to improve your skills, make new connections and further give back.

OneUpOneDown Community

The impact

"My mentor helped me realise I have the power to control my own reality. She gave me powerful tools so I could build the life I want. Although we have different career paths and focuses, what we shared was a drive to squeeze every last drop out of life. My mentor brought me back to basics, asking myself where my values are being honoured, ignored and challenged in my life. This built a framework for the changes I am making to live my best life."
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Kate Jordan
Urban Designer

Mentorship blog

Completing Your Three-Month Mentoring Match
July 7, 2020

Completing Your Three-Month Mentoring Match

Each mentor-mentee match made through OneUpOneDown lasts 3-months. This is to promote rapid learning and development and to keep each...

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June 3, 2020

Career Stories: Marisa Sires, mentor, and VP of Product and Innovation

Marisa Sires was most recently the Vice President of Product and Innovation at agile workspace company Hana. She’s also a OneUpOneDown...

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Burn-out: a cost of startup ambition
May 25, 2020

Burn-out: a cost of startup ambition

Burn-out is more common than you might think. It’s particularly prominents in startups, whether they’re Silicon Valley or Auckland based....

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Career Stories: Tania Hack, mentor, and Marketing + Communications Consultant
May 20, 2020

Career Stories: Tania Hack, mentor, and Marketing + Communications Consultant

Tania is a New Zealand based Marketing and Communications consultant who is passionate about the environment, staying fit and healthy,...

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