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Careers, Leadership
By christine / May 20, 2020

Career Stories: Tania Hack, mentor, and Marketing + Communications Consultant

Tania is a New Zealand based Marketing and Communications consultant who is passionate about the environment, staying fit and healthy,...

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Careers, Mentors
By christine / May 12, 2020

Career Stories: Tash Pieterse, Internationally Certified Career & Life Coach

Tash Pieterse is an Internationally Certified Career & Life Coach working with ambitious professionals and new leaders to thrive in...

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Leadership, Mentors
By christine / April 30, 2020

We’re all in the same storm but not in the same boat

Elle Bell, OneUpOneDown mentor and Managing Director at SpacetoCo reflects on how people have experienced lockdown, and how we navigate going forward, together.

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Master The Self, Master Mentorship 

We teamed up with Bette Chen, founder, meditator, and growth hacker to explore how we can use self-mastery tools – such as self-engineering and meditation – to support our ability to create space for others in the role of a mentor.
Note: this webinar includes a 10 minute guided meditation