“As a mentor, I felt fully supported and knew I could always rely on Natalie and her team for advice”​

Tatiana Tikhonova, mentor
Data Scientist
New York, United States​

“It was extremely satisfying to see just how much my mentee developed and how she's now able to make decisions using the confidence she's gained”

Kathryn George, mentor
Digital Designer | Illustrator | Motion Graphic Artist
Auckland, New Zealand

“I loved my first mentor/mentee relationship, I thought we were well matched in terms of our experiences and interests”​

Kathryn (Walker) Street, mentor
Senior People Partner | Connector
Auckland, New Zealand

“The learnings are two way, I’m grow too.”

Joy Tracey, mentor
Independent Director | Governance
Wellington, New Zealand

“It’s a privilege to hold space and guide others as they take charge.”​

Tash Pieterse, mentor
Certified & Award Nominated Leadership Coach
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

“I don't know what their secret sauce is, but I could not have been happier with the first mentee that OneUpOneDown matched me"

Marisa Sires, mentor
Digital Product Leader | Remote Team Leadership
New York, United State

“Something as simple as a conversation and sharing experiences and ideas can be extremely powerful for both mentee and mentor, and it feels amazing to help someone!”​

Kim, mentor

“Slowing down to be present with another person for a specified amount of time gave me clearer insights and deeper understandings”

Cathy, mentor

“OneUpOneDown is an ideal solution for making mentoring more accessible, and offering mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.”​

Sophie, mentor

“My mentor helped me realise I have the power to control my own reality. She gave me powerful tools so I could build the life I want.”

Kate, mentee

“I’m sure we still made every single mistake a founder can make, but the lessons I learnt and the personal growth I went through were invaluable.”​

Paola, mentor

“Being part of a community and receiving support from your mentor is invaluable, especially as a start-up when you can feel isolated or without clear direction.”

Kelly, mentee

“The mentor I've been matched with has taught me a lot....I feel privileged to be a part of this program."

Andressa Henriques, mentee
Fullstack Software Engineer at Parfin
Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil

“Thanks to my mentor I'm really improving my strategies, my personal and professional goals”

Mouna ALOUI, mentee
Software Engineer at SAGEMCOM
Tunis, Tunisia

“It's been great to have an outside perspective on what I'm navigating along with a sounding board to support my own decision making"

Nina Hannert-Nimmo, mentee
Agile Coach | Mindset Coach & Mentor
Wellington, New Zealand

“The mentoring I received provided vital support, insights and encouragement in my career”

Angela Robinson, mentee
Copywriter | Digital Content & Communication Specialist
Auckland, New Zealand

“This platform and mentor has been that catalyst in addressing those doubts, calming my fears, addressing my concerns and in showing me the right way."

Nikki Bakurupanda, mentee
Project Management | Customer Experience
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

“My mentor was an incredible match, based on both her personal and professional experiences”

Amanda Michel, mentor & mentee
MBA Candidate at INSEAD
Fontainebleau, Île-de-France, France

“I was matched with a mentor who knew exactly when to be strict and when to help me take it easy"

Swathi Suman, mentee
Impact Entrepreneur | Sustainability Consultant | Researcher
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

“Being a mentor was more rewarding than I could possibly have imagined”

Samantha Azzarello, mentor & mentee
Executive Director at J.P. Morgan
New York, United States