“Being part of the OneUpOneDown program allowed me to give back to someone who needed help. Something as simple as a conversation and sharing experiences and ideas can be extremely powerful for both mentee and mentor, and it feels amazing to help someone!”

– Kim, Mentor


“Slowing down to be present with another person for a specified amount of time gave me clearer insights and deeper understandings.”

– Cathy, Mentor


“One Up, One Down is an ideal solution for making mentoring more accessible, and offering mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.”

– Sophie, Mentor


“I enjoyed the experience of mentoring someone who had had a similar career path to my own and at a stage in her life where I could help her transition to another career because I had gone through the process myself. I also enjoyed being able to support my mentee throughout the difficult COVID-19 period. I think my mentee found it comforting that she could talk to someone else, and we could discuss our shared experiences about the pandemic and how to make the most of the situation to use the time wisely.”

– Kathryn, Mentor


“It is rewarding as a mentor seeing a mentee grow in confidence and view the world through a different lens.”

– Joy, Mentor


“It was nice to be able to give back and to see someone else grow. Sometimes you can get so caught up in your own world, and problems. I gain perspective and feel more grounded by helping others. It brings me a lot of joy”.

– Natalie, Mentor

“I don’t know what their secret sauce is, but I could not have been happier with the first mentee that OneUpOneDown matched me with. We were a great personality fit and my professional experience and knowledge were highly relevant to my mentee’s challenges. I am sure we will be lifelong friends!”

– Marisa, Mentor

“I really felt like I could help and make a difference to someone’s professional career and development. I became an active and supporter and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a mentor” 

Emily, Mentor

“Being a mentor was incredibly rewarding and enlightening. I was able to see my mentee grow both personally and professionally, and was delighted to be the driving force of that growth.”

– Emma, Mentor

“I absolutely love mentoring and offering my experience, time and energy to help someone else grow and develop. The mentee’s I’ve been matched with have been incredible humans open to learning, growing and taking responsibility for their career and life. It’s a privilege to hold space and guide others as they take charge. I love doing this through One Up One Down as well, it’s such a great organisation helping women empower women.”

– Tash, Mentor

“Women helping other women – what’s not to like? The OneUpOneDown mentoring model is very much about coaching mentees to uncover their own pathways. The pool of potential matches is diverse and international. You won’t regret it!”

– Wendy, Mentor

OneUpOneDown_illo_5 (1) (1)


“One up one down was an awesome opportunity and exactly what I needed! It’s an awesome way to meet a likeminded person who you can share your experiences with and gain meaningful insight.”

– Sophie, Mentee

“Being a part of this program afforded me the opportunity to experience the value of a life coach for the first time. My mentor asked me questions that made me dig deep and discover parts of my journey I had not yet realized.”

– Jasmine, Mentee

“A great tailored approach to mentoring loved my experience.”

– Bekah, Mentee

“It was an amazing match, my mentor felt like a kindred spirit and I think we may become life-long friends!”

– Anya, Mentee

“OneUpOneDown did an excellent job of pairing me with a mentor. It has been a wonderful exercise in professional development; allowing me to reflect, debrief and learn. I have got more out of my mentoring sessions than some of the expensive, formal training I have done!”

– Nicola, Mentee

“OneUpOneDown is awesome! The accessibility that they provide for mentorship is great. Being part of a community and receiving support from your mentor is invaluable, especially as a start-up when you can feel isolated or without clear direction. I would really recommend it.”

– Kelly, Mentee

“I benefited a lot from the support OneUpOneDown provided. The fact that my mentor was similar in age to me helped us to relate better – she felt more like a big sister giving advice. I think this worked very well.”

– Magdeline, Mentee

“My mentor is wonderful; with her help today I’m gainfully employed and feeling recharged with a fresh approach on my career, where I want it to go and understanding of how I can shape it. Thank you for giving me this amazing experience at a time when I needed it the most.”

– Kavita, OneUpOneDown Mentee

“The relationships I’ve made through OneUpOneDown have been wonderful. My mentors have given me incredible advice, there is so much gold in their experience and wisdom. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know them and receive their advice and mentorship.”

– Elle, Mentee

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