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OneUpOneDown is trusted by organizations and women across the globe:

Launch your sustainable and scalable mentorship offering

We work with  organizations and communities to realised untapped potential in their network, drive engagement and support women through relevant 1:1 mentorship relationships.

OneUpOneDown’s technology and team manage the full match making and management process, removing massive amounts of administration work and a providing specific expertise so your program has a long-lasting impact on participants.

Create your own branded mentorship pool

Set up a mentorship pool for your community or organization, to launch a sustainable and scalable mentorship program. Make it look and feel like your own with customizable banner, logo, colours. Add your own content, announcements and your own resources to your pool.


Easy onboarding

No manual forms for data collection. Everything is managed with through our easy, automated onboarding process, which  collects the information needed to create a high-quality match.

Mentors and mentees will have their own profile which they can update continuously as their experiences and needs change.

Automated matching

No trawling through data trying to make matches manually. Mentorship matches are automatically proposed using OneUpOneDown’s AI matching algorithm. 

All communication surrounding the match making is automated and optimized for a great user experience.


“I loved my first mentor/mentee relationship, I thought we were well matched in terms of our experiences and interests”​

Kathryn (Walker) Street, mentor
Senior People Partner | Connector
Auckland, New Zealand


“I don't know what their secret sauce is, but I could not have been happier with the first mentee that OneUpOneDown matched me"

Marisa Sires, mentor
Digital Product Leader | Remote Team Leadership
New York, United State

Why OneUpOneDown?

OneUpOneDown are experts in women-focused mentorship programs. We have developed a unique approach to mentorship, to maximize the value of the experience for both mentor and mentee. Mentor-mentee matching is automated and each match lasts three months. We also make matches on the basis of ‘near-peer’ mentorship, which means the mentor is a couple of steps ahead of the mentee. 


Mentorship modernized

Highly relevant matching based on ‘near-peer’ meaning the mentor is a couple of steps ahead of the mentee. Each match lasts 3 months to maximise learning period.


Women focused

Our mentor matching process is designed to identify and make matches based on challenges, experiences and the needs of women that are not being addressed in their existing environments.


Culture of care

We care about the development of women and everything we do is revolved around this, including how we deliver match making and how we support organizations. 


High-quality resources

Tap into our depth of expertise when it comes to mentorship, including our best practice resources and our marketing materials to grow your mentorship program. 


Clear guidelines

The mentor-mentee engagement is clear, so both mentor and mentee know the commitment and expectations. Communication is automated so participants get the right information at the right time. 


Scale your impact

Nurture an evolving network of mentors and mentees,  where continuous rematching enriches the pool, and mentees progressively become mentors, amplifying your impact over time.

Give your participants all the support they need

OneUpOneDown has world-class resources to support mentors and mentees to be transformational in their role and to bring forth skills and characteristics that create space for growth.

Case Study: Women in Tech

Women in Tech Mentorship Pool Screenshot

Case Study: INSEAD Alumni Association Belgium


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