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“I was matched with a mentor who knew exactly when to be strict and when to help me take it easy"

Swathi Suman, mentee
Impact Entrepreneur | Sustainability Consultant | Researcher
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands


“My mentor was an incredible match, based on both her personal and professional experiences”

Amanda Michel, mentor & mentee
MBA Candidate at INSEAD
Fontainebleau, Île-de-France, France

A proven way to get ahead

A proven way to get ahead

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Support to take action towards your goals
  • Guidance to overcome personal barriers and navigate relationships at work
  • Perspective to recognise your unique valueWomen with a circle of mentors achieve 2.5x higher pay and authority in positions of leadership – Harvard Business Review

Focused & highly relevant matches

  • Our matching process takes into consideration your personal and professional development needs and proposes a mentor who has the relevant expertise to support you now.

  • We’ll propose the most suitable match within our network, using our specifally designed matching method.

  • You’ll be matched with one mentor at a time for three months, to give you the time you need to work together to learn and grow.

Mentorship made easy

High-quality match

We’ll match you with someone you can relate to and will enjoy connecting with.


Each match lasts 3 months to maximise learning & keep focus.



To discuss shared challenges and experiences that don’t get addressed at work.


Access to quallity

So you feel comfortable in the role as a mentor/mentee.


Clear guidelines

So both mentor and mentee know the commitment and expectations.


Culture of care

We care about the development of women and everything we do resolved around this.

Get the support you’re missing in your current environment​

Women love OneUpOneDown mentorship because it provides a kind of support and
validation that they’re not getting from their workplace or current networks.

Ongoing learning and development

Our mentoring program is 3 months long and designed to be highly focused,
growth-centered for rapid learning and development in mind.
Our mentoring program is 3 months long and designed to be highly focused, growth-centered for rapid learning and development in mind.

Step 1:

create your profile

Create an account and select the areas you’d like support in through mentorship and/or the areas you can support others in as a mentor. Book in a 15 min call with our team so we can get to know you and understand how we can best make a match.

Step 2:

3-months, 4 meetings

We’ll propose a suitable match, taking into consideration your experience. Once you accept this match, you’ll be introduced to your mentee to begin the match. Each match lasts 3-months, with a minumum of 4 meetings.

Step 3:

Loved it? Get rematched

Once the 3-month period is up, you’ll have the option to be rematched with another suitable mentee and/or mentor. By participating in ongoing matching, you’ll build up a circle of trusted mentors and mentees.

Learn the practice of mentorship

Access our guides and resources to learn how to get the most out of your mentorship  match. Not only will this help you to work with your mentor, you’ll learn valuable skills that support your professional growth.

Once you’ve experienced being a mentee, you can become a mentor.We have guides, resources and an academy to teach women the remarkable skill of being a mentor.  Being a mentor translates to valuable leadership skills and improves well-being,  confidence and personal self-worth.

Join us and step into
transformational leadership


“Thanks to my mentor I'm really improving my strategies, my personal and professional goals”

Mouna ALOUI, mentee
Software Engineer at SAGEMCOM
Tunis, Tunisia


“The mentoring I received provided vital support, insights and encouragement in my career”

Angela Robinson, mentee
Copywriter | Digital Content & Communication Specialist
Auckland, New Zealand

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