Experience transformative growth through mentorship

Get matched with like-minded women through near-peer mentor matching

Build confidence.
realise your unique value.
develop a trusted network of women through mentorship.


“Thanks to my mentor I'm really improving my strategies, my personal and professional goals”

Mouna ALOUI, mentee
Software Engineer at SAGEMCOM
Tunis, Tunisia


“I don't know what their secret sauce is, but I could not have been happier with the first mentee that OneUpOneDown matched me"

Marisa Sires, mentor
Digital Product Leader | Remote Team Leadership
New York, United State

Realise the benefits of authentic connection

Mentorship is for interpersonal relationships what meditation is for the mind.

Not only does it provide direct benefits of learning strategies, tactics and techniques to fast-track the achievement of goals, it also teaches people how to relax and be themselves in the presence of others, to form deeper and more meaningful connections.

Those who practice mentorship experience improved wellbeing and greater joy and meaning in their work.

Get matched with other women like you

Women who have been in your shoes and women who are going through what you have already experienced.

We make matches on the basis of near-peer mentorship which means mentors are a couple of steps ahead in specific areas of learning and development.

This makes the experience relevant and engaging for both mentor and mentee. It also means anyone can be a mentor – you don’t have to have lots of experience.

Each match lasts three months so the commitment is focused and managable.

Be mentored and become a mentor

Sign up to be a mentor, mentee or both. By becoming both a mentor and mentee you’ll experience the benefits of having a guide to grow and learn from, and guiding someone else using the skills of mentorship.

One of the wonderful things we’ve learnt from our experience growing OneUpOneDown is that women get as much value out of being a mentor as they do having a mentor, when the match is a good one.

Being a mentor enables women to recognise the value in their own experience, build confidence and contribute valuable leadership skills.

Mentorship matters

Research shows that 87% of women mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence.

Research shows that 87% of women mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence.

We make it easy

High-quality match

We’ll match you with someone you can relate to and will enjoy connecting with.


Each match lasts 3 months to maximise learning & keep focus.



To discuss shared challenges and experiences that don’t get addressed at work.


Access to quallity

So you feel comfortable in the role as a mentor/mentee.


Clear guidelines

So both mentor and mentee know the commitment and expectations.


Culture of care

We care about the development of women and everything we do resolved around this.

Perfect for first time mentors and mentees

Our mission is to teach more women how to engage in mentorship to support their achievements and fulfiment as leaders. As a OneUpOneDown mentor or mentee, you’ll gain access to world-class resources to support you to be transformational in your role and to bring forth skills and characteristics that create space for growth.


How it works

Our mentoring program is 3 months long and designed to be highly focused, growth-centered for rapid learning and developmentin mind. Everything is managed in your OneUpOneDown account.

Step 1:

create your profile

Create an account and select the areas you’d like support in through mentorship and/or the areas you can support others in as a mentor. Book in a 15 min call with our team so we can get to know you and understand how we can best make a match.

Step 2:

3-months, 4 meetings

We’ll propose a suitable match, taking into consideration your experience. Once you accept this match, you’ll be introduced to your mentee to begin the match. Each match lasts 3-months, with a minumum of 4 meetings.

Step 3:

Loved it? Get rematched

Once the 3-month period is up, you’ll have the option to be rematched with another suitable mentee and/or mentor. By participating in ongoing matching, you’ll build up a circle of trusted mentors and mentees.


“It's been great to have an outside perspective on what I'm navigating along with a sounding board to support my own decision making"

Nina Hannert-Nimmo, mentee
Agile Coach | Mindset Coach & Mentor
Wellington, New Zealand


“Slowing down to be present with another person for a specified amount of time gave me clearer insights and deeper understandings”

Cathy, mentor
Presenter/Trainer/VP of Operations Realtor/Coach San Francisco, CA

A space to develop the parts of
yourself that are not being nurtured

Women love OneUpOneDown mentorship because it provides a kind of support and validation that they’re not getting from their workplace or current networks.

“Mentoring isn't an extracurricular activity. It's vital
for cultivating an enriching, inclusive community.”
— Diana Olin

“Mentoring isn't an extracurricular activity. It's vital
for cultivating an enriching, inclusive community.”
— Diana Olin


“As a mentor, I felt fully supported and knew I could always rely on Natalie and her team for advice”​

Tatiana Tikhonova, mentor
Data Scientist
New York, United States​

“It’s a privilege to hold space and guide others as they take charge.”​

Tash Pieterse, mentor
Certified & Award Nominated Leadership Coach
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Join a network of women experiencing transformational growth through mentorship