Mentorship reinvented

OneUpOneDown mentorship is designed to connect mentees with mentors who are a couple of steps ahead in specific areas of learning and development. Each mentor-mentee match lasts 3-months, to promote rapid learning and development. Join OneUpOneDown to gain ongoing access to highly-relevant mentorship, with trust and authentic connection at the heart of each match.


Step 1:

Sign up

Create an account and select the areas you'd like support in through mentorship and/or the areas you can support others in as a mentor.


Step 2:

3-month mentorship

Once we find a mentor and/or mentee match for you, you'll have the opportunity to review and confirm the match. Once both mentor and mentee confirm, we'll introduce you to begin the match. Each match lasts 3-months and you will meet a minimum of 4 times during this period.


Step 3:

Loved it? Get rematched

Once the 3-month period is up, you’ll have the option to be rematched with another suitable mentor and/or mentee.

Have you ever thought you can be a mentor?

Learning through trusted relationships

OneUpOneDown mentorship is focused on meeting the unmet professional and personal development needs of professional women. By peering mentors and mentees into trusted relationships, based on shared experiences, we create spaces where women can express and develop parts of themselves that may have taken a back seat in order to fit in to their current environments. As well as learning specific new skills, the interpersonal relationships developed through mentorship helps to improve the confidence, communication and feeling of value of all involved, mentor and mentee. This is the intention behind our matching process. 


Additional resources

Program Guidelines

It is important that our mentors and mentees are on the same page, and expectations are aligned. This helps remove some of the ambiguity that can complicate mentor-mentee relationships. For this reason, we have guidelines and expectations that we expect mentors and mentees to read and stick to while they are matched. 

Events, Webinars and Blogs

We run reguar events, webinars and provide up-to-date blog resources to support our mentor and mentees’ personal and professional development. We cover a range of topics, from how to be a great mentor/mentee, to exploring the essence of connection. Our events and webinars are a mix of community and public-facing, while our blog resources are readily available on our website. All with the goal of making great advice and authentic connection more accessible.