The purpose

The purpose of our regular webinars is to share principles and practices relating to personal development, professional development and becoming an effective mentor, as well as facilitating connections within our community.

By developing ourselves, we can improve our capability and capacity to support others. This is why our webinars are often on topics relating to personal growth, as well as mentorship specific discussions.

The Mentor Mindset

We teamed up with Tash Pieterse, Life Coach, HR Consultant and OneUpOneDown mentor, to chat about become (or continue to be) a great mentor, as well as how to create space for mentees to fully show up and express themselves. 

The Essence of Connection

We were lucky enough to have Cathy Scharetg, VP of Operations at Intero Real Estate and valued OneUpOneDown chat to us about the essence of connection. 
During the webinar, Cathy dives into:
1. How to connect with the core of an individual, going beyond the image you have of them
2. The concept of image management compared to essence management 
3. Connecting through one-on-one relationships (mentorship) and one-to-many (public speaking)

Master The Self, Master Mentorship 

We teamed up with Bette Chen, founder, meditator, and growth hacker to explore how we can use self-mastery tools – such as self-engineering and meditation – to support our ability to create space for others in the role of a mentor.
Note: this webinar includes a 10 minute guided meditation