Grants for Women in Business – A Global List

If you’re a woman entrepreneur seeking financial assistance to start or grow your businesses, this blog is for you. As women entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how tough it can be getting the finances you need to fund the launch and growth of your business. To help, we’ve put together a compilation of grants for women in business, each catering to different business needs and regions.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

This global entrepreneurship program, sponsored by Cartier, supports women-run and women-owned businesses aiming to make a substantial social or environmental impact. The program offers various awards, including a $100,000 prize for first-place winners, along with training and coaching opportunities. More details can be found on the Cartier Women’s Initiative website.

Tory Burch Fellows Program

The Tory Burch Foundation provides a $5,000 grant, which must be used for business education. The program includes a trip to Tory Burch headquarters and access to workshops, aimed at U.S.-based female entrepreneurs meeting specific revenue and ownership criteria. Learn more at the Tory Burch Foundation website.

Visa She’s Next Grant Program

 In partnership with IFundWomen, Visa offers $10,000 grants to women-owned businesses in various regions, including Egypt, Morocco, and the UAE. The program includes a one-year coaching membership. Check for updates and eligibility on Visa’s page at IFundWomen.

Boston Women’s Fund

Best suited for nonprofits, this grant provides $10,000 to $50,000 over five years for long-term projects that positively impact women’s rights and opportunities. Applicants must meet specific criteria related to nonprofit status and project goals. More details can be found on the Boston Women’s Fund website

Women in Innovation Awards

Innovate UK offers the Women in Innovation Awards annually to female entrepreneurs across the UK. Successful applicants receive a £50,000 grant along with a tailored package of mentoring, coaching, and business support​​. Find out more on the website.

Boosting Female Founders Initiative

This Australian initiative provides grants between $100,000 and $400,000 to female founders to help scale up and expand into markets. The program focuses on increasing diversity in startup founders and supporting economic growth. Details on eligibility and applications can be found on the website.

IFundWomen Universal Grant Application

IFundWomen simplifies the process by allowing women entrepreneurs to fill out one application to access multiple grant opportunities across various industries. Visit IFundWomen to explore their universal grant application.

Women Founders Network Fast Pitch Competition

Offering $55,000 in cash prizes, this competition is for U.S.-based businesses with less than $750,000 in external funding. It includes tailored coaching and mentorship. More information can be found on the Women Founders Network website.

These larger business grants for women help to promote female entrepreneurship and provide resources to overcome the unique challenges faced by women in business. They are well-known grants so the application process is competitive. Grant writing is a skill in itself and the more you do it, the better you will become at telling your story and increasing your chances of success. We recommend looking for smaller, less competitive grants too, for example, local grants. Finding a mentor can also help to fast-track your capabilities in this area, through skills and also support to put your best foot forward. 


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