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How She Changes Climate grew their mentorship program by 20x using OneUpOneDown

She Changes Climate’s mission is to create a world where women, in all their diversity, are active participants in just climate decision-making. Find out how SheChangesClimate scaled up their Be One mentorship programme, increasing the number of participants by 20x in just one year, using OneUpOneDown’s mentorship technology. 



SHE Changes Climate’s mission is  to increase female representation at all levels of climate decision-making, by influencing key players, campaigning for public support, collaborating with counterparts and amplifying the overlooked. Their vision is a world where women, in all their diversity, are active participants in just climate decision-making.

SHE Changes Climate launched their Be One Mentoring Program in 2022 to support young, budding professionals in developing career-specific skills in sustainability, climate action, and environmental protection. For the first year of running the program, all mentorship matching and management was done manually. With the high administration requirements, the size of the mentorship program was limited to 20, and was a one-off for mentees, in that they participated in the program and were matched once.

SHE Changes Climate partnered with OneUpOneDown in June 2023 to scale their existing mentorship program and grow their impact through mentorship.

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Scaling up Be One Mentoring’s impact using OneUpOneDown

Using OneUpOneDown’s mentorship product for organisations, She Changes Climate were able to create their own branded platform to automate the full process of onboarding mentors and mentees, and making and managing matches.

She Changes Climate had an engaged community to recruit mentees and mentors from, with a network of over 20,000 people. Drawing from OneUpOneDown’s marketing & comms materials for partners, She Changes Climate launched a mentorship landing page and marketing comms, to recruit participants to sign up as mentors, mentees and both. Our goal was to make being a mentor accessible and inviting to women who might not previously have considered themselves a mentor. We achieve this by clearly communicating the concept of near peer mentorship, the value of being a mentor, and allowing women to sign up as both mentors and mentees. 


The Results

SHE Changes Climate Be One Mentoring pool attracted over 400 mentors and mentees, 20x the size of the previous years programme. 176 of these participants signed up to be mentors. This absolutely blew our minds and exceeded our expectations.

The feedback from the mentors and mentees so far has been very positive. We look forward to sharing more statistics once the matches have been through their first 3-month cycle. 

We are excited about the ongoing collaboration with SHE Changes Climate, continuing to grow and expand the size of their mentorship pool, and connecting participants into 3-month long matches. This ensure the program is sustainable and scalable, and will build a powerful network of mentors over time. 

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