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Women Mentor and Mentee
Mentees, Mentors
By natalie / July 7, 2020

Winding Up Your Three-Month Mentoring Match

Each mentor-mentee match made through OneUpOneDown lasts 3-months. This is to promote rapid learning and development and to keep each...

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Careers, Mentors
By christine / June 3, 2020

Career Stories: Marisa Sires, mentor, and VP of Product and Innovation

Marisa Sires was most recently the Vice President of Product and Innovation at agile workspace company Hana. She’s also a OneUpOneDown...

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By christine / May 25, 2020

Burn-out: a cost of startup ambition

Burn-out is more common than you might think. It’s particularly prominents in startups, whether they’re Silicon Valley or Auckland based....

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Master The Self, Master Mentorship 

We teamed up with Bette Chen, founder, meditator, and growth hacker to explore how we can use self-mastery tools – such as self-engineering and meditation – to support our ability to create space for others in the role of a mentor.
Note: this webinar includes a 10 minute guided meditation