Why OneUpOneDown


Using AI technology, OneUpOneDown makes the perfect mentor matches within networks of women

Our mentorship program is modelled off of near-peer mentorship because we have seen firsthand how successful it can be and the positive impact it can have, when facilitated effectively.

Near-peer mentorship is where mentors are an average of 3-5 years ahead of a mentee, or just a couple of life stages ahead of them. This form of mentoring results in highly relevant advice and enhances both the mentor and mentee’s ability to relate to one another. 

Additionally, we have designed our programs with the idea of ‘giving and receiving’ whereby women can be and receive mentorship simultaneously. As people, we have an innate desire to give back, but we also have a desire to learn, so we’re offering the opportunity to do both. This is where our name – OneUpOneDown – came from.

We're on a mission

To facilitate meaningful connections and make great advice more accessible

Who you currently know shouldn’t be a boundary for your potential to grow. We believe meaningful connections and great advice can be key to personal and professional growth, so are on mission to make it more accessible, and ensure every woman gets the support they want and need. Through the simple act of facilitating these meaningful connections, we believe we can have a remarkable impact on the lives of 1 million women.

Core team


Natalie Robinson

Co-founder and CEO

Dzhuliana Nikolova

Co-founder and CTO

Amanda Michael

CMO & Parnerships

Dimitar Sodev

Lead Developer

Anastasiia Koval

UX & Design

Advisory board


Mikkel Fishman

AI Advisor

Cathy Scharetg

Business Advisor

Nelson Shaw

Technical Advisor

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