OneUpOneDown’s proposals for Fund8: Project Catalyst – interview with Maria Carmo

In our new blog, you will learn about an interesting interview about Cardano Project Catalyst that our CTO, Dzhuliana Nikolova, gave to the biggest Cardano Blockchain influencer in Latin America – Maria Carmo.

Dzhuliana is presenting One Up One Down’s proposals to Project Catalyst with a clear concept – How to build a culture of trusted relationships in the Catalyst community.

We have 3 proposals in Fund 8: Project Catalyst:

  • Business solutions (B2C/B2B) 
  • New member onboarding
  • Open Standards & Interoperability

Business solutions (B2B/B2C)

Problem Statement: Organizations have untapped value within their networks which can be realized with an effective mentorship program.

Solution: AI Mentor-matching software

There is a huge value in B2B mentorship. We not only unlock the value within a community, but we have also developed in our platform cross-pool network communication. We want to mix-match great minds from one business to another and like that we will double the value of the mentorship program in both ways.

New member onboarding challenge

Problem Statement: New members encounter a steep learning curve to understand where they fit and how they can add value and knowledge is not efficiently shared.

Solution: Automated mentor-matching tool 

We connect people in a specifically designed framework by Automated mentor-matching tool – onboarding starts with someone very related to you and you learn in a project-based program within 3 months.

Mentorship Incentivization DAO This specific proposal is about scoping. 

Problem statement: Forming trusted mentorship relationships is important for transferring knowledge, but creating them over a large network is a challenge.

Solution: Mentorship Incentivization DAO


There is a strong connection between the 3 proposals, but they are not dependent on each other. Each one of them is a different project with its specifications, but the common thing in all three of them is the concept – the process and methodology that we use in building trusted relationships in the organization’s community.

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