The Wheel of Life Review Process

A tool for identifying opportunities to restore balance and prosperity within your life. 

The Wheel of Life Review Process is a powerful self-reflection and goal-setting tool that can help you identify opportunities to restore balance and prosperity in your life. By assessing your satisfaction in different areas of your life, you can determine which areas need improvement and set goals to create a healthy balance.

To complete the assessment, divide a circle into eight equal parts and label each section with a category that is meaningful to you. Common categories include career, finances, health, family and friends, romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, and physical environment. However, feel free to adapt the categories to best reflect the parts of yourself that you want to develop and balance. 

Once you have labelled each section, rate your satisfaction in each area on a scale of 1 to 10. Draw a line across each segment to create a visual representation of your wheel. Ideally, your wheel should be relatively balanced, with each section scoring around the same level. However, it’s common for people’s wheels to be uneven, with some areas of their lives receiving more attention than others.

Here is the “Wheel of Life” template we’ve created for you:

If your wheel shows that you are very satisfied with one area but not so much with another, set goals to make positive changes. For example, if you are very satisfied with your career but not so much with your personal growth, take up a new practice like meditation, find a good personal development book, find a mentor, or attend a workshop related to your personal interests. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with your physical environment, set a goal to declutter your home, redecorate, or move to a new location.

You can also create your own variation of this practice as you see fit. For example, instead of drawing a wheel, you can make a list and rank the categories from 1 to 10. Once you have assigned numbers to the list, describe the why behind the number to get clarity on what has been working well and what needs improvement. Doing this over time can help you recognize patterns that you fall into, allowing you to build practices that help you into your day/week/month and mitigate behaviours that can hinder you from moving towards the state that serves you best.

Overall, the Wheel of Life assessment is a simple yet effective tool for self-reflection and goal setting that you can use on a monthly and/or quarterly basis. It’s also an exercise you can do with your mentor or mentee to help them identify areas for improvement and set goals to create a healthy balance in their life.

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