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Communication, Marketing, Mentees
By christine / April 21, 2020

How to mindfully market your business during a crisis

5 quick-fire tips for marketing during covid-19 The world has faced and come out the other side of virus outbreaks,...

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Leadership, Mentees
By admin / April 14, 2020

Meet Kelly Johnson; Mentee and Founder of Her Energy

After graduating from university, Kelly knew she wanted to work in the social enterprise space and to experience the challenge...

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Leadership, Mentors
By dzhuliana / March 1, 2020

The benefits of being a mentor

Most people think that mentees are the only ones who gain value from mentorship, but you’d be surprised at how...

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Master The Self, Master Mentorship 

We teamed up with Bette Chen, founder, meditator, and growth hacker to explore how we can use self-mastery tools – such as self-engineering and meditation – to support our ability to create space for others in the role of a mentor.
Note: this webinar includes a 10 minute guided meditation