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We’ve distilled our insights into what makes a great mentorship match into two guides: one for mentors and one for mentees. Overcome any doubts and feel confident in your role, whether as a mentor or a mentee, with the support of these guides.




Explore a range of topics related to mentorship, leadership, and building trusted relationships. Our articles focus on issues relevant to mentorship and reflect the experiences of our community of ambitious women, all passionate about learning and growing through trusted connections.

Grants for Women in Business – A Global List
Business, Mentorship
By OneUpOneDown / May 17, 2024

Grants for Women in Business – A Global List

If you’re a woman entrepreneur seeking financial assistance to start or grow your businesses, this blog is for you. As...

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Mentorship for Women: Why Women Choose OneUpOneDown
For Organisations, Mentorship
By OneUpOneDown / May 15, 2024

Mentorship for Women: Why Women Choose OneUpOneDown

OneUpOneDown is a mentorship platform dedicated to fostering professional growth among women. Trusted globally by leading women-focused communities, we specialize...

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Famous mentors and mentees who are women
By dzhuliana / May 10, 2024

Famous mentors and mentees who are women

At OneUpOneDown, we're committed to facilitating meaningful mentor-mentee relationships that empower women in their careers and personal development. Highlighting some...

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Webinars featuring experts in their field who share a passion for mentorship, continuous learning, and sharing their experiences with others.

Master The Self, Master Mentorship 

We teamed up with Bette Chen, founder, meditator, and growth hacker to explore how we can use self-mastery tools – such as self-engineering and meditation – to support our ability to create space for others in the role of a mentor.
Note: this webinar includes a 10 minute guided meditation



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