OneUpOneDown Partners with INSEAD Women in Business Belgium to power their mentorship program

With over 64,271 Alumni distributed across 180 countries with 168 nationalities, the INSEAD alumni network is robust, diverse, and globally connected to an extent few institutions can boast. 

With the knowledge and experience possessed within this network of members, the potential for creating high-quality mentorship relationships is exciting.

OneUpOneDown has partnered with Insead Women in Business Belgium, working with Insead Alumni Association of Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands, to support the great initiative the Club has taken to unlock knowledge sharing and support between members, through their mentorship program, Mentorsharp. 

Using OneUpOneDown’s platform, the Mentorsharp team have automated the matching and communication process, removing the hours of manual work that goes into running an effective mentorship program, especially with their distinctive double mentoring relationships.

As we move forward, we’re eager to see the transformative impacts of Mentorsharp, and how our platform can continue to empower the INSEAD alumni community, one mentorship connection at a time.

Thank you to INSEAD Women in Business Belgium, @Sarah, Vesselina, Manoella, Françoise, Isabelle, and Bruno for leading this impactful initiative. 


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