Unlocking the Power of 1:1 Mentorship: OneUpOneDown for Organizations

At OneUpOneDown, we firmly believe that 1:1 relationships hold the key to unlocking radical learning and development opportunities.

With the launch of OneUpOneDown for Organizations, we aim to transform the way communities and organizations connect, engage, and grow their members through meaningful, focused 1:1 mentorship.

Mentorship is more than a term for us – it’s a powerful tool for achieving rapid and impactful personal growth. These transformations happen through relationships that foster trust and authentic connections, facilitated by the sharing of experiences and action-oriented steps.

Our world is woven together with networks, clusters of individuals united by a shared purpose. These can take the form of a company, community, industry, or a common interest. The strength and value of these groups stem from the interconnections between members and how these relationships promote the exchange of knowledge, values, and energy.

What if we could leverage the OneUpOneDown model and technology to enhance these group connections through ongoing 1:1 mentorship relationships? Instead of one-off matches in short-lived programs, we empower organizations to create a dynamic ecosystem of mentors and mentees. This way, individuals can share knowledge and support precisely when it’s needed most.

OneUpOneDown for Organizations

OneUpOneDown for Organizations leverages our unique mentor-matching infrastructure to offer organizations an easy way to set up and manage their mentorship programs. By creating what we call a ‘Pool’, organisations can invite their people to start forging high-quality 1:1 relationships.

Organizations have the flexibility to brand their pools, publish their content, and deliver enormous value to their network without the labor-intensive work that usually comes with coordinating a mentorship program.


Each match in the Pool lasts for three months, comprising four meetings, striking a balance that allows for meaningful trust-building and story-sharing. After this period, mentors and mentees are rematched, ensuring fresh insights and connections. Participants have the freedom to join as a mentor, a mentee, or both, embracing the spirit of reciprocity that’s at the heart of the OneUpOneDown way.

Ready to experience transformational growth within your organization? 

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